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Calling all members!!

We realize there are many, many amazing things you can do with all of the tools and equipment in the MAKERSPACE.  It's challenging to learn and discover them all, so that's where you come in!

If you have found a great website, unique feature, stumbled upon a nifty way to use a tool, or found a handy tutorial video, please "share the knowledge".  Send an email with the tip/resource and we will post it here so we can all utilize this additional information.

Thanks for "sharing the knowledge".  Your contributions help grow and strengthen the Brookings maker community!

Ideas & Making in General:

Instructables is a great website for makers. I use it quite a bit for ideas. They have step by step instructions for a wide variety of projects. They also have an app for iPhone, which is really handy when you are in the workshop.

Make Magazine is a great resource for creative projects and innovative ideas.

Laser Engraver:


  • MakeABox offers a variety of templates to use on the laser.

How to Videos

CNC Machine

Band Saw

Drill Press

Miter Saw

Miter Saw Stand



Router Table

3D Printer- Lulzbot

3D Printer- Makerbot

Bench Jointer

3D Scanner

Sewing Machine

Press Break

Wood Lathe

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